Convert report to ASCI file / Excel

IS there any way to convert a report to a pure ASCI file or an Excel file ? Thanks

Yes, simply define a new Printer. This printer is a “print to file” standard printer from microsoft. Now you have a file that you can import into Excel. ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert System Engineer EMail:

You can also use the function SAVEASHTML or run the report in preview-mode and chosse “File\Save as HTML” to create a HTML-file of your report. Excel (2000) is able to open HTML-Files (i don’t know if older versions are able, too). Bye, Joerg

Print to file will not be a solution . The out put of this will not be a pure ASCI file. And an import of this file to excel giving junk characters. Save As HTML and open it in Excel is a Good solution as suggested by Stryk. But the gridlines are disappearing from the excel sheet when the file is opened. Bye

You can turn gridlines back on for the excel sheet by selecting Tools|Options. On the view tab (Excel 97), there is a checkbox for gridlines. check it off and click okay and your gridlines are back. And, yes, the extension change trick does work with Excel 97… Regards, Mark Dielmann

Hi Joseph it ist an easy way to create an .txt or .csv file. You need any Globals for example TDFile as FILE Filename as Text 30 getFileName as Codeunit Externe Datei verwalten AsciiText as Text 250 Serchsign as Text 30 Position as Integer length as Integer Number as Code You open Your File (Number:= 15) TDFile.TEXTMODE(TRUE); TDFile.WRITEMODE(TRUE); TDFile.QUERYREPLACE(TRUE); TDFile.CREATE(STRSUBSTNO(‘C:\Test.txt’); // or any textformat or free extension now you can start the insert TDFile.WRITE(‘Test’); TDFile.WRITE(Number); If you combine your inserts like TDFile.WRITE(Number + ‘;’) you have csv format on each TDFile NF set an CRLF (carriage return line feed) for CSV or Text you have to set your filepointer back Instert example ‘Test’;‘20.01.03’; TDFile.WRITE(‘Test’;’); TDFile.WRITE(TODAY + ‘;’); // dosent work because no text and date mixed TDFile.WRITE(TODAY); length:= TDFile.POS; length:= length-2; TDFile.SEEK(length); // TDFile.WRITE(’;’); TDFile.CLOSE; // File closed grüssle Gerd

[:D] Hi Gerd! The problem was not “How to create a TXT or CSV -file” the problem is how to e.g. put the output of a “Sales Invoice”(-Report) to Excel easily (without Automation). [;)] Regards, Jörg