Convert Navision report to Microsoft Excel

hi all, Can any one just me the logic how to convert report after running in microsoft excel sheet

Hi, There are many topics about Excel and reports on Try using the search-facility on this site. Probably the following thread can help you.,report

The starting point is to get a good understanding of Table 370. THe best way to start, is to look at report 29. It will take you about 15 minutes to create your first Excel report, but after that the next ones you will program much faster. The way I started, was by just creating a new report based on Item Table, and pulling the code from Repore 29, that basically just cerated a very simple Itme No, Description qty on hand spread sheet.

There is also another product that works with all navision version and doesn’t require any modification or coding. It works realy well with list reports. It is basically a printer driver that writes it to excel.

Hi Ahmed, from the web site this product looks great, is it any good? Do you have clients using it successfully? Have you tried it with the Customer Aging Statement, that’s always the one they want?

Hello David I’ve been using it and customer agin looks good. I’ll ask them to put a screenshot of customer aging report. and post a link here.

If you mean “how can I save Navision Report output to an Excel spreadsheet?”, take a look at I’ve only tried the demo but it looks like a good tool.

I also looked at print2excel, BUT the interesting thing about helican, is that they have a specific version for Navision, which I assume will be able to better interpret column positions.