Convert language module FRA to FRC

We want to convert French captions (FRA) to French Canadian captions (FRC). Our customer is using the FRC language and he needs to include an add-on (partner solution) only translated in “France’s French”. Our database includes ENU+FRC, the add-on is ENU, and we have a language module FRA for the add on (flm file). Is there an easy way to get all the captions for FRA and convert as FRC??? I was thinking at importing all the objects as text and do a search+replace, but I’m sure there is a fastest way. For information, I tried changing FRA to FRC directly in the flm file but I had a checksum error. Thanks in advance.

If you have developper licence, you can export translate texts of all objects, replace the text -Axxxx- with -Ayyyy- (where xxxx is no. of FRA language and yyyy is no. of FRC language (1036 → 3084)) and import it back. Do not forget, that import will change date and time on all objects, which you are importing… (texts are exported and imported only for selected objects). And second thing: you do not need to transfer it, because language 3084 have primary language set to 1036 → it means, if you have active language 3084 (FRC) and the caption does not exists, language FRA is selected (if exists for the caption). Only for order I preffered to convert the language…

Nice… I didn’t know about the primary language. Thanks Kamil!