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Hi, Our client needs store pictures in the Navision. Now they have thousands of pictures in the JPG format. Do you know any program that can automatically convert JPG file to BMP file? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Paint Shop Pro is known for having a conversion feature from almost any graphic format to almost any other graphic format that can run batches for mass conversions. Be aware, however, to select saving bmp’s in the RLE compressed format, otherwise the difference in size will be quite stunning. You will find the option for RGB or RLE saving on the Save As window. Paint Shop is shareware with a free trial period. Download available from the autors’ site: John Edited by - John Tegelaar on 4/19/00 12:04:56 AM

Thanks, But i need program for automatic convertion to BMP. User should be able select JPG file from Navision and it will be converted this file to BMP and store it in the Navision. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi All, I’m having the same problem trying to convert Gif to bmp. There are some *.flt files to convert from bmp to jpg and gif (GIFIMP32.FLT,JPEGIM32.FLT). I’ve been looking for a simple ocx to convert graphical formats but I didn’t find anything. I think there must be any kind of API Call or system Dll function. Regards, Raúl.

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Hi you guys I have made a conversion tool(beta-release) capable of converting among many picture formats - also from jpg/gif to bmp. I have done the programming in C/C++, and the current version is only a exe file. But it should only take me a few days to make a OCX version of the tool. The only problem is, that I haven’t made the source code public. I could make a limited beta release for you to see. My plan is to integrate the OCX into Navision Financials by automating the work flow using a codeunit. This is just to give you an idea on how to solve your problem. Alternatively you could search the Internet for tools. It’s worth a try. Regards Andreas

See if you have IMGEDIT.OCX in your windows\system directory. This is part of the Kodak Imaging controls (used to be the Wang Imaging Controls), which are used by several Windows programs. I’m pretty sure about being used/available in VB. This OCX can read many graphic formats (GIF and JPG included), and can save in several. Not sure, however, if you can use it straight from Navision. Furthermore, you might search the Intel website for their (free!) JP(E)G library to see if this can be of any use for you, i.e. to load and decompile a JPG into memory, then save the memoryblock to disk as bmp. Most conversion routines will require to load the picture to screen first, which might be conflicting with NF (wasn’t there something about not being allowed to use graphical OCX’s?) John

Hi I have compiled the JPEG library wchich contains a tool for converting jpg files into BMP. The tool is called djpeg and it seems to work just fine. If anyone want a copy of the exe file + description, I’ll supply a download area somewhere. Just drop a note on this forum if you’re interested. Regards Andreas L.

Andreas, Quite sure there’s interest for this. In special when you have thought of using the RLE compression for BMP’s (makes the files only slightly larger than jpg’s are), and use the “real world size” setting to allow resizing on screen and in print in the best resolution available. Suggestion: Use the download area on to make it accessible for all. John

Hi John I’ll make it available in the download area at within the next few days. I also noticed your comment on the compression on BMP compression using the RLE compression algorithm. As far as i know the conversion tool doesn’t currently use the compression of BMP. But I have found a C-source library handling that task. So I’ll try to adapt this into the the existing code if possible, and upload a version later one supporting the RLE compression. But until then, you can use the other tool. Good luck! If you have any other ideas for conversions or graphic tools that might be of help to someone, just place a note in this forum. Regards Andreas L.

Hi again I have uploaded a file named to be included in the download area of So the file should be ready to download within the next couple of days. Regards Andreas Lundin

Maybe I’m wrong but… This, as far as I am able to deduct, standard in the Navision WebShop product. When you import a BMP in the item table is is transferred to the website through one of the communications queues. However, if you look at the same picture on the website is is of type JPG!!!. I don’t know when or where this conversion takes place, but as far as I can see it does take place somewhere in the process. /Lars

Hi I haven’t seen the Webshop in practice, but if you only need to convert a jpg picture into bmp to use in your standard Navision Financials, buying Webshop to accomplish the task seems to be a little bit out of proportion. Of course if you’re planning on using Webshop, and get the conversion part that way, the jpg2bmp is not of any use to you. Regards Andreas Lundin

Andreas, I totally agree with you. My point was just that the utility (maybe) already is available as part of the webshop, so you could snatch it from there :slight_smile: /Lars

Hi again Of course, stupid me :slight_smile: I misunderstood. Of course, it could be nice if we could grab the function from Webshop. I’ll take a look at it. It’s hopefully made by using Navsion code. Regards Andreas Lundin