Convert Excel to Pdf on Ax 2009


I’m creating some excel files on Ax2009.

But I have to convert them to pdf too programmatically.

Do you know any method how to convert an excel file to pdf file on Ax 2009.


You should be able to do it with the help of Worksheet.ExportAsFixedFormat().

You can also find third-party conversion libraries if the built-in functionality doesn’t suit you for any reason.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your answer but i saw that method already and this method was for Ax2012.

Actually that method suits me perfectly. But i can’t use it in Ax2009.

Is there a way to use that method in Ax2009 ?


It’s a method provided by Excel, not by Dynamics AX.

Hi Martin,

Do you have any sample code for how to use this method in Ax 2009.


No, I don’t have. But you can find many examples for C#, for example, and call it from X++ in a similar way.