Convert date formula

Hi all, I have a field date formula in a table. I need to convert the number in date formula in integer. Example: +12M ----> 12 +24M+CM ----> 24 Someone can help me? Thanks CL

Hi, Try this: Name DataType Subtype Length gDF DateFormula EVALUATE(gDF,‘12M’); MESSAGE(’%1’,DELCHR(FORMAT(gDF),’=’,DELCHR(FORMAT(gDF),’=’,‘0123456789’))); br Josef Metz

Hi Josef, don’t work because in your example the value ‘12M’ is a string but in my example i dateformula. CL

Hi Josef, sorry for my mistake because I didn’t understand your example. Thanks for your help. CL

try that: Date1 := WORKDATE; Date2 := CALCDATE(DateFormula, Date1); DifferenceInDays := Date2 - Date1;

Just a quick reminder, when you press T in date formula what do u get??? Most of us know that it assigns current date/ todays date / system date. But somethimes it assigns recent tuesday as well.