Convert Data Type from Text to Date or DateTime

Hai there… could we convert data type from Text to Date or DateTime??

I have file to be imported from csv file… but in that csv file, time is like this = 112020081455

112020081455 means 11/20/08 02:55 PM

how to convert it anyway? thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

What about:

YourDT DateTime
Importstring Text 12
Day Integer
Month Integer
Year Integer
TheTime Time

evaluate(Day, copystr(Importstring,3,2));
evaluate(Month, copystr(Importstring,1,2));
evaluate(Year, copystr(Importstring,5,4));
evaluate(TheTime, copystr(Importstring,9,4));
YourDT := createdatetime(DMY2DATE(Day, Month, Year), TheTime);