convert classic Navision to RTC

hi all,

i would like to convert from Classic Navision to RTC. how about do it? step by step please!

thanks so much!

  1. If the classic client is native database then perform SQL migration.

  2. Install the navision service components. It is available in the product CD itself.

  3. Stop the service (Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server)

  4. Then edit the CustomSettings.config file (located in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service”) with the following values.

DatabaseServer(Mention the server name)and DatabaseName(Mention the database name)

  1. Start the service (Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server)

  2. Then open RTC. This will open RTC for the database mentioned in the config file.

Please read this

hi Mr Kathik.D,

i follow your recommend but have new problem.

system warrning: The user ID and password are invalid. Try again.

what will I do now?

When you are getting this kind of error?

I think you have performed all the steps and you are getting this error when you open RTC. If this is so then you should have windows authentication for this database.

How are you logging into Classic, Database Logins or Windows Logins? RTC only supports Windows Logins

I use Database Logins. I’m not yet Windows login. can you explain for me step by step how setup RTC?

What else you need to know on setup?

Windows authentication? contact your system administrator…