Convert Ax 2012 setup

Hello Everyone.

I have a issue, On my server AX 2012 R3 is already installed (i.e RTM Build version is but after GST we apply GST updates on my server and its kernel version and application version is changed i.e. Kernel Version is 6.3.6000.4282 and application version is 6.3.5000.133. So now i want to add some more ax 2012 component, so how we can upgrade our old ax setup to according to my new kernel version.

You can add updates directly to installation files. Refer to Include cumulative updates and hotfixes in a new installation (slipstreaming).

Thanks for reply martin but where we can download CU12 updates. I think so its available on lcs but we required microsoft credentials.

You can find links here. Notice that CU12 isn’t the latest cumulative update.

Only download updates files from the given link and and paste these file form update folder. This updates file is approx 2-3 mega bytes. Its necessary or we do anything else

Please be more specific. Which link is “the given link”?

What is “form update folder”?

Link provided by you in above reply and paste this update file in update folder.

My link leads to a web page with links to various updates. You said you downloaded one, but you didn’t tell us which one.

We can’t tell you whether you downloaded the right thing if you don’t tell us what you downloaded.

CU 13 Build version 6.3.6000.149

All right, so you want to the slipstreaming packages for CU13.

Log into LCS, open the project and click the Updates tile. From there download Cumulative update 13 slipstream (without Retail SDK and Online Channel) and Cumulative update 13 slipstream (Retail SDK and Online Channel only). Then follow instructions in Installation guide for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 cumulative update 13, page 26.

If you’re statement “but we required microsoft credentials” means that you don’t have access to LCS, then you’ll have to ask somebody in your organization who is allowed to maintain AX.