Conversion from PDF to JPG or HTM

Hi all, This subject is not necessary related to Axapta, but I must implement in it, so I think there’s no problem posting. [^] Does somebody know any resource (code sample) of how a PDF file can be converted to jpg’s or other image formats? The net seems to be lacking in providing such resources. Thanks very much. Ciprian

Hi Ciprian, I you want to do this programmatily, and withing Axapta, you would have to call external programs like VeryPDF’s PDF to Image Converter( using winapi’s shellExecute method. Also check PDF2JPEG Com Driver at I used to work with PDF and it’s original creation language (TeX/LaTeX) back at university, and am not quite sure, if you could somehow do this using original compiler and software. Anyway, this would again come to calling it from Axapta. I think most transparent solution would be using COM Driver. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Bojan, Thanks for the solution. Yes I guess using external COM components can be very handy. The issue is that you have to rely on a 3rd party solution, which requests licencing for development and distribution. Would verypdf allow me in any terms to use their product to distribute my own solutions? Above that, there are plenty cheap (and so - not too complicated to build, i guess) solutions that do the job. They cost about few 10s $. Since they work as is, surely use only some winapi’s in their logic, so not get involved with other external components. I really don’t need something complicated. Just the basics. Thanks.

Seems that verypdf’s developer lincese is about 1500 $ with unlimited distribution rights. That’s not much, but it also requires the have full version of Acrobat installed!!! Auch!

LOL :slight_smile: The best solution would be to read PDF specification, and then create your own convertor. But that would certainly take time. I don’t understand why you want PDF’s in JPEG format. PDF surely provides richer experience.

Hi, The reason is simple: I must print a pdf file into an Axapta report [:I] and using images is the only thing I can imagine. Cip

For personal use, GhostScript looks like best shot. It is available under GNU General Public License. It can be found at