Controls and other objects not visible on the form

There are several controls and other elements which are not being shown on the form. I added the fields in the AOT and the properties are also changed to visible – Yes, but the field doesn’t show up on the form. Not only in the design list, I tried checking in the form’s datasources list and also the respective tables for the visible property of the field in question and they all have visible - Yes. I am not able to figure out why they are not being seen in the actual form though.

For example, GiftCardType is a control I added in the salestable form under a particular tab and its visible property is set to Yes. The field’s visible property under the datasource and its table is also set to yes. However when I open the form and look under the tab, the control is nowhere to be found.

Hello lohit,

can you check if the form is of listpage or not, if it is listpage then try to find the interaction class for the form and check if fields visibility is being modified over there or not.

on the top of that try to check autodeclaration property of the control or the group in which it is been added.

if it is YES then there is the chances it is being used in code to make its visibility false. try to find the control or group name by right click on the form. you will find the correct method on form where it is being used.

thanks for your reply, Kunal.
I see where this is going. The form is salesTable so its of template “detailsPage” and the interaction class is “SalesTableInteraction”. The group in question is “GiftCardPhysical” containing MCRSalesTable fields.

I checked the interaction class but didnt find anything that would suggest these fields are hidden, but like you said, this group has its autoDeclaration property set to “Yes”. However, I didnt understand what you said in your last sentence there, how do I find the method where these fields or the group is being used?

Hello Lohit,

you can copy the name of the group - goto interaction class and right click on it and try to find the name of the gorup. you will get the code where it is being hidden.