Contolling The Filtering of records by using Show All(ctrl+shift+F7)

Hi All,

The problem is i have filter the records by writing code on Onaftergetrecord() trigger of the form, what happens is until i am using the showall (ctrl+shift+F7) it works fine .but after using of (ctrl+shift+F7) it showing all records. i want to stop this. Help me in this.

Thanks in advance.

Check FILTERGROUPS function…

Just take this example.

Customer card and then ledger entries now if i am using showall (shift + ctrl +F7) all the ledger entries are appearing. which not to be done .is this possible .

Thanks in advance.

Did you try this?

yes, but it is not works , i have use code onaftergetrecord trigger but no change

How did you use?

Can you show us the code?

Customer Ledger entries on push()

  • OnPush()
    RecCustLedgerEntry.SETRANGE(RecCustLedgerEntry.“Customer No.”,“No.”);
    FORM.RUN(25,RecCustLedgerEntry,RecCustLedgerEntry.“Entry No.”);

Please read help documents to know how to use filtergroups

Thanks for your patience.


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