Continuous integration business central with azure devops

how can i define my reposotories with devops. i mean wich is the Template of the package azur devops link visual code al package specially when i manage multiple .app multiple extension /multiple al Project.

Hi Abdi,
I don’t know if you already got an answer to your question, but otherwise I’ll try to answer it here.
To create a repository in Azure DevOps (ADO), then you first need an account to ADO, an Organization and and a Project. I assume that this is already the case, otherwise I can recommend a few “getting started” videos on YouTube.
Creating the repository can be done from the “Settings” section of ADO. Here you find the “Repositories” and a Create button. Click on this button. This allows you to enter a name and the repository type. Select Git as type and give it a name and click Create.
That gives you a new repo that you can clone directly into VS Code.
Put one app in each repository and have a Yaml build pipeline to create a package for each.

Hope this gave you some of the answer, if not let us know what else you need to know.