Context Menu on Forms

Hi all,

I have opened a Form in AOT and when i right click on any field

i will get a context menu with options ( Filter by field , filter by selection , find, create alert rule etc…).

I want to add one more option to that context menu so that my functionality is global to all the Forms in AOT.

I have tried showContextMenu() on a field it is working but the scope is restricted to only that field.

I want my functionality to be applicable to all the Forms. Any one have any idea on this…


Varun Garg

You need to add your object to the SysContextMenu from Menus.

You need to put some code in SysConextMenu class - VerifyItem method - to restrict it for forms only…

Hi, after right clicking on group caption,i want to add one more action button after “Record Info” as “Open URL” then which class should i modified control is not going to “syscontextmenu” classes methods . please help me @martin , @AnandMallavarapu7


Hi All,

Long time has been passed ,still i did not get any reply or comment on this ,

can somebody tell is it possible or not ?