Content of field disappears

Hi I have added some fields to the table “Resourse Journal Line” and the same fields to the table “Resourse ledger entry”. The problem is that the content of the new fields disappear. After I have posted the Res. jour. line the corresponding fields in the Res. Ledger entry stay empty. The fieldproperties are exactly the same in both tables. What have I done wrong? Regards Karl

Hello Karl, Unfortunately Journal Lines and Ledger Entries are not like, say, the Sales Header table and Sales Invoice Header table where you can just add the same fields & they are copied accross. When Sales/Purchase Orders etc are posted the information is copied accross by codeunit 80/90 using a function called ‘Transferfields’ that copies all the fields accross. This is not used for posting journals. The fields in the Journal Line tables & Ledger do not match & therefore to get the fields to copy accross you will need to change Codeunit 212 (Res. Jnl.-Post Line) and put in the necessary code into the function ‘Code’ to copy the values in one table to another. e.g. ResLedgEntry.“New Field” := “New Field”; Unfortunately, if you are an end user, you may not be allowed to do this & you may have to get your solution centre to do this for you. Hope this is of help!

Hi Karl, you need to modify the code in Codeunit 212 (Res. Jnl.-Post Line) and introduce that your new fields in Res. Ledger entry get filled with the values from Res. Journal Line (e.g. ResLedgEntry.“Project Code” := “Project Code”:wink: Saludos Nils

Gosh, you’ve been 5 minutes faster than me, Edward. Didn’t know that my machine is so slow to start up Navision to check the ID of a codeunit (or is it me that works so slow… hope not) [:D] and a good example of NOLUG efficiency… [;)]

Thank you very much for the answers. Best regards Karl

Hello Nils, It’s probably because I’m in support & Customer Services [8D] & I always have a copy of Navision open just in case…[;)]