Contact list Export


How can i Export the contact list including Mailing group? i have modified the contact list, but i wont show any value (there is only dropdown) maybe its because 1 person can be in many Mailing Group. is there any way i can do to export it? I dont have developers licence.

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If you don’t have a developers license you will not be able to export it directly. Your best bet is to open each list individually (Contact and Mailing Group), then copy and paste them to Excel. You can then use Excel to combine the lists (not sure about the exact functions to use).

The problem is there are more than 20 mailing group and over 5k contacts. And they want to update/export it every 3 days.

how can i post a screenshot so i can explain the problem better?

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If it is for a process that will be run over and over again then a dataport or XMLPort should be built. You can get in touch with your NAV Partner to build you one if your license does not give you access.