Consolidation - Transfer order and Sales order

My requirement is to consolidate transfer order and sales order.

Kindly guide the steps for transfer orders as well as for sales order. It would be great if I can perform this task without marking check in item model group.

A sales order is an order sent to a customer and invoiced removing stock from your business. A transfer order is an internal movement of stock. Why would you consider consolidating them when they perform completely separate tasks - are you talking about a shipment consolidation where your customer also holds your stock for you???

1- I want to consolidate multiple sales order for one customer.

2- Also to consolidate multiple transfer order for one warehouse. It’s shipment consolidation.

Kindly advise.

Hi Ali,

What version of AX do you have?

1 - You would need to use the summary update functionality.

2 - You would need to ensure planned orders are consolidated prior to the creation.

Although it depends upon your processes and what you mean and what you are using, for example WHS in AX2012 R3.