Consolidation of companies

We are having 3 companies in a single database. Every month for group reporting we need to consolidate trial balance of all the 3 companies. How to go about this in Navision Financial through Consolidation function.

Hi Ravi, Do you already have the consolidation module in your license. If yes then you can create the business unit codes for the companies (subscidiaries) you want to consolidate. Get into each of the sub companies and export the database or the file (which will export G/L entries from the comapny). THen you can go to the main comp or group company and import the consolidation text file will create a the entries in the main company with the corresponding Business unit. FUrther you can refer to the FInancial Management module for more details. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth

Hi guys! Consolidation and Account schedules: is there a similar feature for “Account schedules” accross several companies as the one for “Consolidations”, in order to look at total figures from the “mother” company? I understand there is hidden field (column) in acc.sch. called to filter the company code, but I’m not getting any results. Any idea? Thanks.

…my question is for Nav.Fin.2.60…i should have posted my message to the financials/attain forum. Sorry about that.