Consolidated Product stock report

Hi All ,

a) I have an product code X01 in A , B , C company . Against this product if i want to know company wise stock and total consolidated stock , which report is available in AX 2012 ?

b) In AX 2012 , we have the product number and Item number , I would like know in which scenerio item number will not equal to product number ?

Tanks in advance.

a) I believe you would need to write your own.

b) When you decide you want it to be different, so you product is generic for the holding fields and your item is specific

In which business scenerio Item number code will not be same as product code.

In any business that has a centralised product creation and a localised item structure, or a business that intends to use the product as a template basis and creates items from it. Personally I feel what MS have done ticks no boxes it has no real centralized master concept or the concept of creation centrally and then release, or even a controlled release. It is very poor, but will presumably be built on.