Consolidated data of all the companies in AX 2009.

HI to ALL,

I need to have a consolidated data of all the companies in AX 2009.
For example:
I have 3 companies in AX 2009 as [Comp1,Comp2,Comp3]…
Having transaction in all the three companies…
So i need to design the report in the way, it should all the three companies data…
In table BankAccountTrans…
AccountID AmountCur DataAreaID
USA-OPER 100 Comp1
USA-OPER 50 Comp1

AccountID AmountCur DataAreaID
USA-OPER 120 Comp2
USA-OPER 70 Comp2

AccountID AmountCur DataAreaId
USA-OPER 150 Comp3
USA-OPER 80 Comp3

Know i need to have a report as follows:
If run the report for any of the companies[Comp1,Comp2,Comp3]…

AccountID AmountCur DataAreaID
USA-OPER 150 Comp1 ---- Consolidated Total = (100 +50)
USA-OPER 190 Comp2 ---- Consolidated Total = (120 +70)
USA-OPER 230 Comp3 ---- Consolidated Total = (150 +80)

Please let me know the possible solution for me…
Looking for the response.

Try by using a cross company query.