Connection to the Application Object Server could not established

I’m a newbie in using MSDAX 2009. I’m having problems connecting the client to the server. I have ping the server and check the configuration settings and everything seems to be right.

But I can’t still connect to the server… what do you think is the problem?


hi arlou,

this is a basic error just go to the pc where server respective to ur client is installed:

go to run > type “services.msc” and then start the service for required instance in ur server available there…



I think you need to start MsDAX service in your server.

GOto Administrative tool–>Services–>DynamicsAxobjectserver(start it)



hi aedula and P. RAM,

I restart the aos but i still can’t connect to the server. dunno wat is the problem… any solutions or suggestion?

btw, thanks!

Hi Arlou,

Go to Administration module -->online user form go to server instance tab click accept new clients.


check the users form and check the enable field is true or not

check if the server name and instance is correct

Hi kishore and Heylin,

I’ve tried using kishore’s method but nothing happens… I’ve also corrected the server name and instance… i’m still having the same issue… any ideas?



It seems that it has some problems over the network. We have already fixed the problem. Thanks for your help guys! [:)]



did you find any cause of this problem. we are having same issue. getting this error message in event log on our web server placed in DMZ domain. seems like we are getting it Occasionaly and not all the time. i have made a new configuration file our web application is using with right servername and instance name but still getting this error. any idea?