Connection to 3.60 very slow

Hi, I’ve installed navision attain database server on a win 2000 server and the connection is very slow. The server.exe process is using 600 Mo on my server. But when the client is loged it’s work well but the connection is very very slow. Is there a reason ? Thanks.

Which bit is running slow? Is it when you are 1) Running searches finds etc. 2) When its posting 3) Slow to connect initially 4) Slow all round If it is (1), it is possibly a case of inefficient keys. Does your database have many modifications? If it is (2), is commit cache enabled? If not, check documentation to see if commit cache would be beneficial. Is anyone there posting large journals/batches? If it is (3), are you connecting via ip address or servername? If ip address connects quickly, then it could be slow name resolution. If it is (4), then check the following: 1) Make sure its not network problem/overload. 2) Make sure “Database Used” is not greater than 90%. (check file->database->info). If so, increase db size. 3) Make sure that enough ram is allocated for db size & number of users. I cannot remember figures but its something like 20Mb memory per GB database and 12Mb memory per user. Also maximum memory you can allocate is 1gb. 4) Make sure you have left enough memory for the operating system to run efficiently! If you allocate it all to Navision, OS will run slow. 5) Make sure that your navision server is not running too many things. Most recommend computer running Navision not run any other services such as file+print etc. Without any more info, thats all I can suggest for the time being. Hope this has been of help. Regards, Edward.

The trouble is only when i connect the client to ther server, after the client is connected everything works very well. And my network goes well too. Ping to the atain server < 1ms. And for this moment the database is the cronus database. I’m just trying to configure it to work with cronus database. Regards, Alain