connection between client and server

I have insatalled navision server and before that i have already installed client version of Attain on my pc…now when i want to access the server using Datbase open …i cant see the installed version of navision server…it shows me ‘client only’…in the manual it is given that for a server/client version install ‘minimum’ version of Attain on the client system…cant we connect to a navision server with client version installed on the client machine? thanks kumar

You only receive a list of servers if you work in an Active Directory environment. Without that you have to enter manually the (network-) name or the IP-Adress of the server. If you work with server and client on one machine, you can enter “localhost” in servername.

I have an installation (ver. 2.60F) running a true Active Directory environment, but I still cannot see the server in the list. I have added the Navision service point to the AD, using the program supplied on the product CD. Any ideas ? Alex