Connecting to a Test Server

What is the best way to connect to a test server from a client that also connects to a production server? I have copied the shortcut and pointed it to the test server, is this the best way or should I install an additional separate client on the same machine? Thanks Mike

Hi Mike IMHO your way is OK. We did the same. We formated the left side from the main menu with another color and the user has another passsword. So we try to show the users (the ‘super’-users also!): Hey you are working in a test database! bye Andre

Andre, Thank you. One quick question, how did you change the color?

Hi Mike


Originally posted by mpg802
… One quick question, how did you change the color? …

You need a developers licence to do it: (in Attain 3.01B) - click in the left side of the main menu - Strg + F2 to change in the design modus - Select View / Properties from the menu - Go to ‘Backcolor’ - fill in the hex value of a color (e.g. 255 = red) - Save & close the designer - Thats it bye Andre

Giving the main menu on a test server a different color is a great idea - we chose the most ugly yellowish brown for the background. It’s such an insult to the eye that you immediatly notice you did something wrong [;)] In addition, I can only recommend adding a popup message to the main menu’s OnOpenForm trigger which informs the user that he is now working in the test system. This is also a great idea if you have test companies in your production system.

A great way of distinguishing the test from the production server (especially if you print material from the test server) is to setup the company information as TEST * Server or some unique name so the test documents are always distinguishable. Rgds, Owen