connecting NAVISION and MySQL

Hi guys, We have developed some Software for Licensing, Tracking and Revenue collection for some activities, using PHP and MySQL. We urgently need to connect it to NAVISION so that the two systems are able to interchange/share financial and CRM data and other procedures too. My software needs to get financial data from NAVISION, whereas NAVISION needs to get some status information from my System. Can somebody give me an outline of how to implement this including, which components are to be used and what are the alternatives. Can anybody help? Thank you in advance!! Godfrey (Kenya)

An easy and fast way to interchange info between NAV and other applications is NODBC, it’s included with the installation cd of NAV and can be defined either to query information or insert data, you will see this in the ODBC config.

Take care inserting records this way NAV logical business is not used, so you will have to check the info before inserting throw the NODBC.

This is just a way to do it and a simple explanation. Hope it helps :wink: