Connecting NAV 2016 and MS CRM 2015

Hi everyone, a question here before the deepavali weekend…

i am trying to connect NAV 2016 to CRM 2015, and have reached the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connection Setup page. I keyed in all three columns - Dynamics CRM URL, User Name, Password, then click Test Connection, and i get an error

“the application is set up to support secure connections (https) to dynamics crm only. you cannot use http”

Then i add a “s” after http, and i get

“Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved: '”>my_server_name/…/Organization.svc

May i know does anyone faced this before or have any solution on this?

Installation information:

a) NAV 2016 (licensed) - installed in my local laptop

b) CRM 2015 (trial version) - installed in VMWare 12 (which is also installed in my local)

More information:

a) i found out the crm binding is http with port 80, should i change it to https with port 443? was thinking to do this but it needs certificate…

b) the CRM’s Organization Web Service that i check in Deployment Manager is “my_server_name:80”, does this matter…?

c) i can access crm from my host laptop browser

Any idea will be very much appreciated…

I successfully connect and synchronize NAV 2016 with CRM 2015 Online though.

Any thoughts on CRM 2015 On Premise issue…? Is IFD a must for crm on premise to play with NAV…?


Please check the below blog for setting up CRM2015 & NAV2016 integration.



Hi Sundeep, thanks for sharing that…

From your url and username, i believe its CRM Online. Have you tried that with On Premise?

Hi Lee,

Follow the below link to change your CRM on premise URL to HTTPS

Once you finish I am sure NAV 2016 n CRM integration works fine.


Krishna Sundeep

Hi Sundeep,

thanks for the link! However i tried that before already, doesnt work for me…

I think i will set up IFD with a new VM, not sure if this solve the problem. Hopefully it wont turn out that the native connector doenst support crm on premise.

hi, have you solved this issue? I am trying same with same problem… CRM on-line working fine…

hi Kine, nope i havent go back to try…how about you? Manage to make it works?