Connect two databases in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

Hi Team,

I was trying to connect two databases together, one of the databases is the Dynamics NAV Database while the 2nd database was created with a table called Attach Document due large volume of attach documents in work place.

From the Dynamics NAV Database, Where I have a table contains the following fields;

S/N Name Data Type
1 No. Code (10)
2 Employee Name Text (100)
3 Employee Age Code (10)
4 Employee Grade Text (30)
5 Employee Mobile No. Text (30)
6 Created By code (50)
7 Created Date Date

From the 2nd Database, where I have a table contains the following fields

  • Document No - Code (20),
  • File
  • File1
  • File
  • Created By - Code (50)
  • Created Date - Date

What i want to is that, when I click attach button from a page in Dynamics NAV Database it should open a connection and allow me to attach the document in the 2nd Database.


NAV can have just one Instance per Database, Via SQL you can do!!