connect NF Database - odbc - Visual Basic

How can i connect a database for odbc in VB? What code i need? im lost. Thanks. Vísperas. =========

Create a System DSN of C/ODBC and in vb Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset conn.Open “DSNName” Set rs = conn.Execute(“Select * from Table_Name”) txtCode = rs(“Code”) read the pdf file of c/odbc

the pdf not help me, the code no work not recognize the word “ADODB” :frowning: Vísperas

Visperas, Need to install MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components). Bill

sorry, how can i do? i install “” now in VB how cain i add the driver? thanks

sorry jose , i forgot to tell you that you have to add the ado reference. if you open VB click on the toolbar - Project - References select Microsoft Activex Data Object 2.6 Library. if it does not work, let me know i will email you the vb file.

thanks, works