Connect Dynamics NAV 2009 to SQL Server 2012

Today I tried to test Dynamics NAV 2009 client on new SQL 2010 R0.

Installation went without problems, user creation also went without problem, and then I started classic client with task to create data base. Now problems started.

On my server I had two types of data base users: domain user (Windows authentication) and data base user.

Thing that bothered me was that I could log in with windows account but couldn’t log in with database account.

After I verified all of SQL Server parameters, user permissions, and data base properties I found what was “wrong”: SQL 2010 has new security feature that doesn’t allow logging of accounts that have blank passwords.

Even thou your account has blank password with ALTER LOGIN function and even thou query returns Command(s) completed successfully You still won’t be able to log in.

After setting passwords to my database account I was able to log in to SQL server and create/restore databases.

Thanx for sharing, Filip.

No problem.

And thanks from here too. Would love to hear about other experiences with NAV 2009 and SQL Server 2012.

thanks for sharing about SQL 2010.