Congratulations, Mark Brummel is an MVP

Mark well done. I got the official notification a few minutes ago. So Mark get posting my friend [:D]

[:I] Thanks! I have been a little bussy lately, mostly with my private life.

Congrats Marc! This is the just recompensation for all the time and effort you put into sharing your knowledge and helping others. Keep up the work. Saludos Nils

Congratulations Mark, well deserved. Look forward to seeing you at the next MVP open day for Europe. Kamil - when do we get to sample all the pictures you took [:D]

Hmm I seem to have a few photos with a time stamp around 3:30 am on them, those may be more interesting.

Hi, Mark congratulation for your award! [:D] Anna

Congratularions Mark. You deserve it.[^]

I’ll chime in here as well. Congratulations Mark, a well deserved award, keep up the good work!

A Smiley Post for you! [:D][8D][:)][:P]


A Smiley Post for you! [:D][8D][:)][:P]
Originally posted by savatage99 - 2006 Apr 04 : 21:55:45

No No. Smiley posts are not allowed for MVPs. We won’t be seeing any more of those from Mark from now on [:D]

Congratulations, Mark

I have few pics but I have no space where to public them… :slight_smile: (and just a few are usable)

Hi Mark, It’s great to hear this! Congratulation!!

Hi Mark, Congratulations! Well done! [8D]

Congratulations, Mark! Keep up the good work!

It pays off, good job and keep up the good feedbacks. Congratulations with the M V P …