Congratulations: David Singleton is MVP

David Singleton got reqarded with the MVP status![8D] Congratulations![^] You realy earned it.[:D]

More information about MVP program

Thanks Marq and thanks everyone that Emailed and IMed me. Especially thanks to Luc Van Dyck who was the first to work it out even before I knew it. And Of course to Erik, who I think was involved there somewhere. Thanks.

Congratulations, David! [:)] You really deserve it. [:D] Anna

does that mean, you’ll be able to see Navision 5 before anybody else?

A few more and we’ll have our own soccer team :slight_smile:


A few more and we’ll have our own soccer team :slight_smile:
Originally posted by savatage99 - 2006 Jan 05 : 19:56:35

With Bill Gates and Steve Balmer as coach! That should be a winning team [:D]

Congratulations David! Keep up the good work! [:D]

Thanks all, PS we need to get Mark Caldwell as Captain before the AX,GP or CRM people get him [:D]

Welcome to the club David, it was about time :wink:

Hi David, Congratulations!!! You really DESERVED it!!! [^]

Yeah it was a no-brainer. Hope you continue with it for many versions to come (Navision 10.0 ?).

Again thanks for all your kind words, and for the emails and PMs. BTW I actually started in Navision in The Czech Republic. (I created the NTR here). When I was completing all the details for my MVP status, I realized that I had a lot of outdated data around. I moved back to the Czech Republic from the US a year ago. Mainly so I could concentrate more on my book. It also gave me more time to get active again on MBSOnline. In fact I support clients around the world these days, helping with project management mostly. These days location really does not matter so much. (PS my profile was updated, but not my flag).

Well that explains the strange “US” hours I thought you had been keeping recently! Nice hat by the way, hopefully catch you in Cambridge, once again congratulations!

Ah my profile updeat went through… Great. That’s my “ski” hat, well at least it was yesterday when we went cross country. Yes looking forward to Cambridge, haven’t been there for many years. PS I am still keeping US hours, but bringing them closer to European time so I can try to finish work before midnight.

Well done David.


Thank you Zen