confusing about Inventory account, inventory acrrual account and Inventory account interim

Dear All,
I would like to ask you about account interim (COGS Account, Inventory Accrual Account, Inventory Account).
All I need to know is that do I have to create inventory account interim in all inventories type in a company?
for example, inventories types I create: finish good A, B, C and D. Raw material E, F, G and H. Helping Inventories
are I, J, K and L. All I have done are that create 2 inventory accrual account interims consists of inventory finish good interim and raw material finish good interim and then use them in the column (inventory accrual account interim column) according to general product posting group.
However in the inventory posting group, inventory account and inventory account (interim), I made the same account no.
so, both column will have same account no. meanwhile in cronus, it’s not the same either for raw material, finish good,
cost of raw material sold, etc. but the other sample database that is given by my colleague, the inventory account either interim or not are the same. Let me show you what I’ve done in the general posting group:

Gen. Bus. Posting Group Gen. Prod. Posting Group Sales Account Sales Credit Memo Account Sales Line Disc. Account Sales Inv. Disc. Account Purch. Account Purch. Credit Memo Account COGS Account COGS Account (Interim) Inventory Adjmt. Account Invt. Accrual Acc. (Interim) Direct Cost Applied Account
WA 400205010
CX 400205011
SQ 400205011
QSA 400205012
ZA 400205013
FE 400205053
EXPOR1 RM 400205001 510201001 400205051
EXPOR2 EX 400205001 510201001 400205052
DOMESTIC 1 WA 700100100 400200002 700100999 700100999 400205001 510201002 810201001 830100001 400205010 400205001 400205001
DOMESTIC 2 CX 700100100 400200002 700100999 700100999 400205001 510201002 810201001 830100001 400205011 400205001 400205001
DOMESTIC 3 RM 710201001 400200002 710201999 710201999 400205001 510201002 820101000 830000002 400205051 400205001 400205001
DOMESTIC 4 EX 710201001 400200002 710201999 710201999 400205001 510201002 820101000 830000002 400205052 400205001 400205001
DOMESTIC 5 SQ 700100100 400200002 700100999 700100999 400205001 510201002 810201001 810201001 400205011 400205001 400205001
DOMESTIC 6 QSA 700100100 400200002 700100999 700100999 400205001 510201002 810201001 810201001 400205012 400205001 400205001
DOMESTIC 7 ZA 710101000 400200002 710100999 710100999 400205001 510201002 820001000 830000002 400205013 400205001 400205001
DOMESTIC 8 FE 710201001 400200002 710201999 710201999 400205001 510201002 820101000 830000002 400205053 400205001 400205001

I am not allowed to upload a file so I just can send you the above data. Could you let me know the effect of what I have created in the COA and set in the general posting groups…? Also, especially about the effect if I don’t create different inventory account and inventory account interim. I really appreciate your answer. tku. for moderator, allow me to post picture that display the set up of my general posting group.



The interim accounts are if you we expected cost posting in the Inventory setup. This is useful for example identifying goods received not invoiced.

As to the rest of the set-up just post some test data and see the results for your self. No one here can really help you without knowing what all the accounts numbers are (please don’t post them). I would say if you have an accountant there post with him so he is happy, but I would say that [;)]

Hi Kdm,

I thank you for your answer but the accountant doesn’t know about Navision, but I will try. what about accrual account interim, is it same as interim that you’ve explained…?


Yes, this is the GRNI accrual.

If you have Navision, then your accountant is going to have to learn Navision. Or if not, then you are going to need someone with accouting skills and Navision skills to interprt the accountants requests and then translate results for them.

In some smaller operations, its common to use an external accountant for “doing the accounts”, and in that case that accountant may not know Navision, but if the company is anything bigger than a very small organization, then the accountant does need to learn Navision.

Hi Kdm,

I can still recall learning all about the Navision posting groups back in 1996. The only way for me, was to create a new company, create a simple chart of accounts (using 4 digit account codes) and naming them exactly the same names as in the setup table.
Then post as many different entries until you really understand.
You should start with a model written in plain language that you understand and the accountant will understand.
Then make the postings of pre-determined values and check each part of the process.
A lot of hard work to start with but the hard work will pay off with clearer understanding.
Keep posting until you really can replicate and understand!

Another useful tip: Use the F8 (zoom) to get to ALL the information that Navision holds for each entry, drop the info into Excel for comparisons.


Yes Colin, I think this advice should be for Andreas AND his company accountant if he has one. This was how I learnt back in '98 and still learning even now.