Configuring second server

I want to configure a second server and database (for testing). Our dns is on a separate unix box. Do I need to modify the hosts file on either the server (nt) or the clients (98/nt)?

If you want to use a second database on the same server ( both databases are started as services ) you have to adjust the services-file. I do not have the right line you have to add right now, but I will look it up. I know it works because I have done it myself.

You will also have to modify the hosts file on both server and workstations. Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc.

Hi, You will need to change Services and Hosts files on server and all workstations. If I remember Navision use service adres 3000 as default. For additional servers I use adreses 3001,3002… In the Hosts file you must add line: srvername2 In the services file you must add line: servername2 30001 Windows dirrectory has file hosts.sam and sometimes users change this file. You need files without extentions. You can read how you can setup this in the Navision manual from CD. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 6/30/00 4:01:58 AM

If I remember the information right, NF is using port 2407 as default. Joerg R Feldhofen KUMATRONIK Business Solutions Houston, TX Edited by - Joerg R Feldhofen on 7/5/00 4:59:24 PM

According to the French “Installation and Administration” Navision guide, page 45, the default port used by Navision is 2407. So, you will have a setting looking like… In the Hosts. file you must add the lines: NF_Server1 # Navision Financial Server1 NF_Server2 # Navision Financial Server2 In the Services. file you must add the lines: NF_Server1 2407 NF_Server2 2408 /!/!\ Make sure you test your settings by connecting to all servers you have installed on you workstation i.e. Navision Financials/File/Server/Connect…, NF_Server1, File/Database/Information, check the path of the database accessed by the server (idem with NF_Server2). You should be aware that If, on your NT Server, you install your first server on port 2407 (default Navision port), the second on port 2408, If, on you workstation, you specify the Services. file but forget to specify the ports in Hosts. file,… …connecting to server NF_Server2 will end up accessing the server NF_Server1. (Connection to NF_Server2 is equivalent to connect to address found in the Services. file, port 2407 (not specified in Hosts. file but default tcp port for Navision)) /!/!\

I tried to install another instance of Navision 2.6 Server but I only got two options (“Repair” and “Remove”) none of which seem adequate. Does anyone know how to install two instances? Krishna Das Developer

krishnad, see the thread titled: “Fin 2.6b & AD 2.6b on Same Workstation” the the aswer to your question. Basically, you just need to copy the existing directory to a second copy and create an icon that references the new copy. Jack