"Configuration rules" & "Configuration group" in formula definition

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What is the meaning of “Configuration rules” & “Configuration group” in formula definition and how it is used?

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I would suggest you start with one, the configuration group. There are several posts relating to this in here.

The principle if to extend the functionality of the BOM. You can have an item like PAINT-BLUE, PAINT-RED that is ties to teh configuration dimension. These can both be listed in the BOM with a PAINT configuration group. Then on the parent you have the configuration RED and BLUE, you tie both to the PAINT configuration group so that when the parent is made in RED only PAINT-RED is added to the BOM, and the same with BLUE picking PAINT-BLUE.

Configuration rules extend this by defining invalid combinations and determining the sequence combinations are made and therefore how the BOM is configured.

Thanks AdamRoue for the reply , as I understand from your post this feature is only available for BOM items, but in my case, we are using formulas as all the items is CW items , is this true?

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Yes the concept is the same for formulas in AX2012.