configuration different price for each stores in ax 2012 R3

Hi All

How could we configure different price for a product for different store (Retail), i am using price groups which have been assigned to different stores and created trade agreements use the price groups, but was not working out

Please help me out

Thanks a lot

Hi Krishna,

have you run the job “products” from distribution schedule? if you say, it’s not working out, what is the result you are seeing?

Hi Santosh

Yes i have run jobs and the same price is picked at POS

i have raised 2 trade agreements, one is for group(outlet) 100 RS and other is for all 95 RS

but only 95 is picked at outlet store but it should be 100


I’m doubting whether your outlet price group has been linked to both the stores?

Next, by chance is the default price of the item is 100 RS?

No only one store (outlet) is assigned to price group and remaining are not assigned to any group

and i didn’t enter any price at product level