condition on form save

hi friends ,

is it possible to apply conditions when saving/closing the form?

when i create new line , i have to check one amoung the 3 check boxes should be checked, otherwise it should display message and not allow to save.



Hi manish,

i think it is possible call the override method “CLOSE”…it will check before closeing form…

I hope this is some more helpful to you…

hi suresh,

thanks for reponse,

but how to apply condition ?

if i have two checkboxes c1 and c2 , if none of them are checked then it wont allow to save ( show some message ) else allow to save.

my form has 3 datasources.


If you wanted to check something before closing the form, you could use canClose() method. Don’t also forget that you have several ways of closing a form, some of them treated as cancellation.

But what you seem to want is really conditional saving of a record, it’s too late when the form is closing. FormDataSource’s validateWrite() is the right method to modify.