concatenate currency symbol and Amount

Hi All,

Would like to know how to concatenate currency symbol with line amount?

ex: $ 1,254

i want the symbol next to the amount in reports… Hoe to achieve this???

Hi Lilly,

you can do one thing .

You can place $ in the label property of the control in case if you are not writing any text in label part so that before every amount it will be shown.

otherwise convert the amount in string type and add the $ sign at first place by some logic which can be easily done and than the string will be shown in report.

Hi lalit,

Thanks for the reply…

The second option that you suggested me… i tried that already… byut i dont know which func() to perform…

I mean which string () function???

Hi Lalit,

I solved the issue by myself. Thanks for your reply…

always welcome lilly