compiler error

Hi ,

when iam compiling all the objects ,in object designe Navision 41 ; iam getting this mesaage " the compiler found errors in 152 objects "

How i can know what errors ar they ? and how i can know if they are serious ?

thank you for your support .

Om pre-NAV 2009 SP1 versions you will have to open each objects (indicated having compile errors) and recompile while in design mode. In that way you will get more information.

On NAV 2009 SP1 the system will create a list of all errors with descriptions.

Yes, pre NAV 2009 they will be “marked”. You’ll see a little dot in the gray box to the left of the ID Number. You can do a View → Marked Only to see these objects. Then you must open each one and try to compile again to see the actual error.

it seems the same as Navision 41…they also are marked and i can see the errors easier now …thnak you Luc and Matt for your help

My pleasure.