Compile failed for my subform

I am editing my subform, once done i compile and my navision suddenly turn off.

it shows the following error when i open it…

How to solve this problem…

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I think you have added more that one control that has the same name. Chech the names of the fileds on you form

the problem is i cant go to form design as well… it shows the error message

export the form as a text format and check the fields on notepad.

how to export? and how to import back?

Select your particular form and go to file menu then click on Export menu. again same method for importing also.

Hi jliang84
Try to change the the control id of the new field which you created because there’s a field already with a id you 're trying to use i.e ‘Control10000000044’ So just change the id with some different number. You will be good to go.