Compile application errors

Hi guy,

I’ve met some following errors while compiling application:

How effect to the system ?

Please help me to fix this bugge.

Thanks in advanced!

i cant able to see the error message.copy and paste(dont use picture) the error message.

I’ve attached the error screen in previous posted.

Here is the error message:

Error executing code: Global (object) has no valid runable code in method ‘XMLString’.

(C)\Classes\SysCompilerOutput\xmlExport - line 156
(C)\Classes\SysCompileAll\compile - line 14
(C)\Classes\SysCompileAll\main - line 8
(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processMenuFunction - line 85
(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processStandardLink - line 26
(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processOnEventNavigate - line 40
(C)\Classes\SysHelp\onEvent_BeforeNavigate2 - line 27

Is the system customized at all or is it vanilla? I see you have the checklist open…did you skip any steps?