Compilation Error

Hi Friends,

When I do the Full compilation in the AOT the following Error Occurs.

“The name of Method exist doesn’t match the name of the element in the lower layer.
Ensure that the element’s name is the same as in the lower layer”.

How to resolve this error.

Please Suggest the Solution.

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It happens if you override a method and change its name. Change the name back to how it’s defined in the lower layer.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the Support.

U mean “Some base method name to be changed”.

Lot of base Methods are overrided in my Development Environment.

Could u please suggest any Solution

to find that which method name is to be Changed, because there is no method name mentioned in the error.

Thanks and Regards,


If the error is logged to the compiler output, you should see details there. If it’s in infolog, try to put a breakpoint to Info.add().