comparing sales order to purchase orders

I am wanting to create a report in NAV 2013 to compare Sales orders or sales invoices to the purchase orders or posted purchase orders that were created from them using the dropship function.

Hi Kyle,

Yes and have you thought about how you want this report to work, but now this doesn’t work? I mean what is your question? [:)]

I need a report that has all sales orders and invoices and then shows all purchase orders and purchase invoices associated with them, is there a prebuilt report out there that can do that? if not what field can I use to connect them all?

I haven’t seen such a report in the standard application, but you can match drop shipment purchase with sales sides. A drop shipment, purchase line has a reference to a corresponding sales line in “Sales Order No.” / “Sales Order Line No.”, and sales line will have a reference in “Purchase Order No.”, “Purch. Order Line No.”.

No, there is no such standard report in NAV. But as you suggest, then it’s not a huge thing to build, when you have the correct references. [:)]

right and what about after the sales order is invoiced out and turned into a sales invoice the reference to the purchase order line is gone.

The link is gone in the invoice, since it is a financial document and does not keep shipping details. But the link is preserved in posted purchase receipt / posted sales shipment.

“Posted Purchase Receipt”.“Sales Order No.” = “Posted Sales Shipment”.“Order No.”

“Posted Purchase Receipt”.“Sales Order Line No.” = “Posted Sales Shipment”.“Order Line No.”

“Posted Purchase Receipt”.“Order No.” = “Posted Sales Shipment”.“Purchase Order No.”

“Posted Purchase Receipt”.“Order Line No.” = “Posted Sales Shipment”.“Purchase Order Line No.”

Hi Kyle,

I’m Not an Expert But i would Say the link would be Value Entry Table . By Value Entry Table you can Filter using field Dropshipment so that you will get only linked between Purchase and Sales or Any Special Order… Every Transaction Should be Noted in Value Entry

If you need any Help let me Know…[:D]