comparing grouped records of different tables

I need to compare call-data from two different tables (incoming and outgoing-calls from the view of a switch). Therefore i need to group the calls per day and dialnumber. Just to print this is no problem, but how can i solve this within a report ? What i want to achieve is to see only the differences between both call-tables per day and dial-number. My first thought was to write down the data into an unused table in the database, but this solution takes a lot of time (runtime of the report) and is not very nice. A help would be if i could create a temporary table within the system, but as far as i know this is not possible (sometimes i miss my old SQL-times…). Does anyone know something about a suitable solution ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Even better. You can create a new table for the user, and the end-user do not have to buy licence-access to this table when it only is used as temporary table in the programcode. TRIM·IT Development A/S Mikael Hansen Manager of Development Livøvej 23 DK-8800 Viborg Phone: +45 70 20 89 70

anywhere in a navision guide i read that temporary tables couldn’t be used by the users. However, the better if this works. I tried to establish a temporary table, but if i try to allocate a value to a field of the temporary table the system tells me to declare the unknown variable (i.e. i want to allocate a value to the variable date was unknown). But the system needs a value at the globals for the temporary tables, where i thought it would get the fieldnames ?! Where is the fault ?? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Tables: Table 1 : Incoming calls Table 2 : Outgoing calls Report structure: Table 1 Table 2 Var’s: VarTable1 VarTable2 Create a field in Table 2 (for example “marked”, type is boolean) When running through the first DataItem (table 1), look for a match in the Vartable2. If you find a match mark the record in table2 and skip the report (showoutput=false), if it doesn’t match print it. When running through the second dataitem (settableview marked = false), show all remaining records. Make sure you de-mark all records on the end of the report. Good luck!

You design the table as usual. In a report you declare a variable fore the record with the property Temporary = Yes Now you can insert records in the table.

You have to use the temporary table in i.e. a report that afterwards generate the output. It is note possible to write the data in the psysical database if the table is declared in the code as temporary an it is not posible to write data in the psysical database in table that the enduser not have permission to use. When you print the data in the temporary table you just use table “Integer” as table and let the programcode break the printing when there is no more data in the temporary table. Best regards TRIM·IT Development A/S Mikael Hansen Manager of Development DK Phone: +45 70 20 89 70/ DK Fax: +45 70 20 89 80 Edited by - Mikael Hansen on 2001 Aug 15 16:08:57

Is not this just a three level report? Am I right in thinking we are looking for all calls made from and to Internal phone Numbers? If so put all the Internal line numbers into a table with the number as the primary Key Table “Phone Numbers” two fields Number code 20 and FlowFilter “Date Filter” Add the Numbers 01234567890 01234567891 01234567892 01234567893 Report Tables “Phone Numbers” with to linked and indented tables >>InCallTable Key = Number & Date Linked & Grouped by Number and filtered by Date = “Date Filter” >>OutCallTable Key = Number & Date Linked & Grouped by Number and filtered by date = “Date Filter” You know the rest! David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: Edited by - David Cox on 2001 Aug 16 00:55:20