Compare two fields in reports/data source?

How can I Compare two fields in reports/data source/query/datasource? Assume there is a table contains the following data: salesID salesQTY ConsignedQTY 001 100 90 002 200 200 Now, I want to create report in AXAPTA, I interesting the outstanding sales order record(s) that consignedQTY<salesQTY. But where can I add my compare formula?Ranges? or overwrite some methods? But In ranges, I only can filter a field. Has anyone come across this issue? And could you give me some advice? Thanks in advance. Andy.Peng Qing Hua.

Hi, You can apply the condition in the execetesection() of the body . i hope this will help you. Regards Amar

HI, Amar Senapati Thank you very much,it realy work! Andy.