compare & merge setup

Hi… This problem is related to compare & merge setup. We are done with compare & merge setup ( of 2.6 base,2.6 cust & 3.7 base). We are able to get 3.7 customized version .txt file. But, now i am unable to import the 3.7 customised .txt file in the new DB. We spoke to navision India, but they too don’t have any clue on this. Please suggest as i am unable to move further. Thanks in advance

Hi Vikas, What is the error message you are getting ? Have you tried to export the objects in .fob format and then import them into a new DB. Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Go into the text file on the line which is giving you the error (The Text import gives the line number) and manually fix it. The ADT sometimes exports “bad” data into the text files…There isn’t really a way around this.

As Chris said… text editor and correct manually each error you receive when importing the objects file. That’s the only solution.

I Vikas, I just want to let you know that the Compare & Merge tool is not 100% reliable. By experience, it’s usually better to look at all the changes made by the toolkit before you accept them. In one of our last upgrade, we even found that for some objects, the tool just remove the 3 first characters of each line !!! [xx(] BEGIN WITH GenJnlLine DO BEGIN IF EmptyLine THEN BEGIN LastDocType := "Document Type"; LastDocNo := "Document No."; LastLineNo := "Line No."; LastDate := "Posting Date"; EXIT; END; So please check the results in the compare & merge tool, and double check the text file. END;