Compare Menusuite in two separate databases

Hello. We had our menusuite “assign users” properties erased (don’t ask how, I wasn’t involved =)). Anyway, I would like to compare the menusuite from a previous backup to make sure that the menus have been setup properly in our production database. The problem is that it doesn’t look like there is an easy way to do this. The properties look like they are stored in the “Object” field of the User Menu Level table which makes it hard to compare since it’s a BLOB field. Anyone know an easy way to compare the menu permissions in one database with another? My goal was to just write a simple report to compare the two tables but I don’t know if that is possible. We are running Navision 4.0 on SQL Server 2000. Both databases are on the same SQL server. Hopefully I provided enough information about what I am trying to do. Thanks for your help.

Have you tried opening the two databases separately? You can set up two clients ,one connecting to the old db and the other to the new - then do some manual inspection…

Yeah that was kinda my last resort. I ended up doing it that way but it was what I was trying to avoid [:D]


You can use report for that:



Great! Do you maybe have a text version for download as well? Let me know. Thanks!

No problem. I updated download:

Wow, that is a very impressive report. Great job! Thanks! [Y]

I’ve got annother tool where you can copy User Menu Levels from one user to annother or from one database to annother (via file import/export). May be someone could tell me how to post the tool into the download section…

By the way, the tool from victoras is written for 5.0 but you can easily use the excel export functionality even in a 4.0 database. The only thing you have to do is to replace Table 370 (Excel Buffer) with the new version of the 5.0 database. This is uncritical since there have only been added some new functions from version 4.0 to version 5.0

Interesting, it worked fine with a 4.0 database. I just had to change table IDs and it worked great printing to excel. Hum… Let me know if you get your tool posted. That would be very helpful as well. Thanks!

Actually I looked at the report a bit closer today and noticed that it doesn’t seem to be working for Windows users. All Windows users menu permissions are set to “Yes”. It seems to work correctly for Database users. Any quick ideas as to why? I’ll try to investigate further. Thanks!

Yes. You are right. I already found the problem. I will upload corrected report after few hours.



You are the BEST!! [:D]

Sorry for delay. Only now I found time for upload.

Here is the link to updated download



It works great! Thanks for fixing it. I was worried I was going to have to fix it because the code looks very complicated. Nice work. [;)]

Well, Ian, the “tool” (report) is now (finally) posted in the tools folder page 3.