compare Financial dimension

is there a method to compare Financial dimension in ax201é

Do you mean default dimensions or ledger dimensions? And can you tell us more about your requirements?

No agreement dimension,

i have create new method its work ,

thank you

Although I still have no idea what you needed, can you please share your solution? Somebody else might have the same requirement.

i have create this function to compare two dimension like this :

public static Boolean CompareDim(DimensionDefault _DimFrom, DimensionDefault _DimTO) {

DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage storage_1,Storage_2;

int attributeCount, attributeIndex;

str attributeValue,AttributeVAlue1;

boolean ret = true;

// Get storage

storage_1 = DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage::find(_DimFrom);

Storage_2 = DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage::find(_DimTO);

// Add attribute count

attributeCount = storage_1.elements();

for (attributeIndex = 1; attributeIndex <= attributeCount; attributeIndex++){

// Add attribute value

attributeValue = DimensionAttributeValue::find(storage_1.getValueByIndex(attributeIndex)).getValue();

attributeValue1 = DimensionAttributeValue::find(Storage_2.getValueByDimensionAttribute(storage_1.getAttributeByIndex(attributeIndex))).getValue();

//COmpare Values

if( attributeValue != attributeValue1)

return False;


return ret;


For your information, these are default dimensions.