Compare error when importing any table


Scenario is this:

I create a new table in AOT and add 1 string field.

Then export the table to xpo file.

And after that import the same xpo I just exported.

Now when i hit Compare button on import form I get two errors:

Table , field group AutoSummary: method modelGroupId does not exist

Table , field group AutoSummary: method itemGroupId does not exist

And this is the case with all tables. I get the same two errors.

I have already tried compiling the application, did not help.

What could be the reason for this?

Is it some inconsistency in model database?

How to fix it?

Thanks for any clue!

What is the call stack?

If I put the breakpoint to Infolog.add() method then i can not see call stact.

But when i exit the add method in debugger then i see that the error occurs in

[c] \Classes\SysImportElements\extractTreenodeFromFile 35
[c] \Forms\SysImportDialog\Designs\DesignList\CompareButton\Methods\Clicked 12

so the error is thrown in infolog.getImportedNode() but it is impossible to debug that method.