Compare Dynamics NAV vs Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL

I am looking into each of these products and am unable to determine which one would be the right fit to start out on.

Basically, my company is working on implementing some of these products and having me gain the MS competency for them, but I cannot determine where to start out.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas of places to look or things to think about?

Actually Doug, we just had this topic, though a bit differnt to yours. But before I get into replying hre, could you please update your profile with some basic information, i.e. where are you, whats your job. Are you a Controller in a company about to implement Navision, are you an NSC, without knowing where you are coming from its difficult to answer your question.

Hi Doug,

As David wrote we have just had a similar thread. You should check this out first:
Thread: Which Dynamics Platform?

I can promise you that knowing ONE product inside out is a fulltime job. Knowing all of them is also a fulltime job for one person if your working hours are more than 36 hours a day !!!

I would definitely suggest to become an expert in ONE product only for now.

I cannot suggest which product to start with as I know NAV properly only, but that one is easy to understand.
The number of commands and triggers available is very limited compared to other programming languages, but this makes it quite fast to work with and to understand.

Doug, I don’t know weather you are Technical or functional, but as for I know C/AL programming is simple and easy to learn. Also as Complete solution, I love Navision as it gives lots of freedom to customize as per Client need. Setups and Cycles are easy enough to learn within month if you ever work in ERP Tool.



I am an Applications Manager for a company that is charged with deciding which component of Business Dynamics our company should implement within our company. Once we have it implemented in our office the idea is to begin selling it to our clients as well.

I am a former technical side person now working in the Marketing/Account Management side of things, so I kind of have to play both sides of this process and since I can only tackle one component at a time I am having a hard time figuring out where to start (and as we progress as a company other people will be working on other components as well)

Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions, they are truly appreciated!

Thanks Erik, I’ll check that thread out too.

Hi Doug,

I also used to work as an Application Manager, then move to MBS Partner after several years to do consultancy.

Regarding to your questions, if you are intend to be a sales person then you really need to base on your market. As people normally said, Navision is easier to sales than Axapta.

Hi Doug,

the approach you are taking is a very sensible one. In fact its how I got started in Navision.

By installing the ERP system for your self, you learn a lot in terms of what it can anc cant do. Going forward, its always a good sign for your clients that you use what you sell. So I suggest that you look at the products in these terms. The three products really do fit differnt market segments, and its not too hard to seperate them.

The strength of Great Plains is that is runs out of the box. It has never been strong on its modificability, but if it does what you want, or if there is an Add-On out there that does what you want, then its simple and easy to get going. A bit Plus/Minus of GP compared to AX and NAV, is that its quite rigind in its method of use. Accountants love it because it force the user to press th ebuttons inthe right order, and enter the numbers in the correct sequence. I.e. it allows the users to go into “brain off mode”, which is damn hard to do in Navision.

Navision is all about having it your way. the balance between getting down to deep programming, and getting a reasonable level of customization is about spot on.

An interesting side fact, back some years ago, Navision UK did a survey of its users, and had them fill in a number of questions. The most interesting response, was that to the question “what do you see as the major strength of Navision” was “its flexibility”. But in response tothe quesiton “what is the major problem you see with using Navision” the answer was “its flexibility”. The problem is that when people have flexibility and choice, they use it. Its very easy to make changes, so changes get made.

As to Axapta, its a great product, not too differnt to Navision, but it has one major advantage. And that is the marketing. This means that its much easier to sell big Axapta systems than big Navision systems.

In terms of what you need, Navision makes the most sense, but knowing the way things go, I think once you present the scenarios to your borad, they will go with Axapta, since it will look to be more profitable long term, and in fact it may be, I don’t know.

But if your long term goal is to get an ERP systme installed to run your business, and then be ready for the move to Green, then Navision would be a better choice.

Hi, Can anyone let me know if it is required for one to be a microsoft certified person to do any dynamics configuration or integration or can anyone who buy the software do the integration ?

– GD

I would suggest you start a new thread.

If you buy the software and the appropriate rights you will be able to integrate and configure the software. You do not have to be certified to do this.

What you do need however is guidance from experienced professionals. If you believe you can simply pick up any of these products, plug it in and get the best out of it you are in for a nasty shock.

Hi Doug;

We are running MS GP for 3 years now as an accounting and inventory ERP sys is good but it’s not good at all in the Manufacturing module especially when you try to rum MRP it gives a lot of errors but maybe those errors due to our manufacturing type which is custom production, right now we are study to implement AX because as far as now it is more powerful in Manufacturing and CRM module.

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Hope this helps