Company Logo Resize

All navision problems are easy to explain, but often they blow my mind on how to fix them…

I have a report that I’d like for the company logo to appear on, I’ve got the image to appear at least with the code:

Only the logo does not resize to the box I want to set it to on the report. The resolution is way too high and the box only shows me a small enlarged section of the logo. Unfortunately I’m not the developer here and I know it must work for other reports, 'cause we have it showing to the right size on others. How do I fix this? -Baring in mind I’m massively thick.



Why don’t you just export the logo , resize it with some graph software and then import back then you are good to go.


Is there potential for that to stuff up the aesthetics of our other reports? I’m reluctant to change the size of the actual image when I know it works in other places.


Try the width and Height otherwise read this blog and try import like this and try with the resize.

As far as I know when you are using classic client the picture wont resize.